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LOKi is one of the most versatile and varied magicians performing today. He has performed in a number of guises, morphing his image to fit any theme or event. Several identities have been evolved [a bit like Pokemon] to become even more powerful.

Discover more about this exciting performer and learn what skills he can bring to your next event. Give your clients and audiences something to remember!
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LOKi's performances have been utilised in every format, scenario and event you can imagine. From covert entertainment [black ops] to mainstream theatrical shows, LOKi can deliver something they'll talk about and remember forever. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!*
*All refunds subject to availability and exhaustive and lengthy legal proceedings. LOKi iNC assumes no responsibility for the audiences lack of a sense of humour. LOKi reserves the right to terminate the show mid-performance, exit the venue and not return any phone calls, emails, instant messaging, facebook requests, tweets, snapchats or tinder matches.
LOKi has been entertaining audiences worldwide, he has competed at the highest level and entered the higher echelons of Magic by becoming a member of the Inner Magic Circle and inducted into the Prestigious Order of Merlin. This accolade is awarded to only the very best magicians who have proven outstanding services to the Art of Magic.
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LOKi's performances are suited to corporate presentations, theatre, cabaret and close-up and personal private events. Truly one of the world's most flexible, adaptable, versatile and professional performers working today.