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David Zambuka has been called a mindreader, psychic, thought engineer, subliminal investigator and a bender, of time.
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David Zambuka has fooled some of the greatest minds in the universe [no really] He was invited to perform for Professor Stephen Hawking at STARMUS to pay tribute to the work of the world renowned cosmologist. Zambuka's comedy presentation culminated with the presentation of the Equation of Everything, thus explaining and demonstrating his mastery of time and space!?

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A word from a book, a number generated on a volunteers phone, elements chosen from the periodic table and a chocolate bar all randomly selected by members of the audience were successfully predicted by David Zambuka and found to be in a time capsule locked inside a hanging wooden chest.
Razor-sharp wit and a wicked sense of fun that will have the audience question their sanity and beliefs. Mentalism effects that will genuinely confuse, amaze and dumbfound as Zambuka presents a series of mind altering demonstrations.

Mass mind reading, mind control, the controversial mind pulse, russian roulette, telekinesis, ESP and psychic communication are all on the menu as Zambuka guides the audience and his unwitting volunteers further down the rabbit hole…
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